Short walks

Finca San Vicente

Hike Barichara-Guane-Barichara (loop)

The most famous hike of Barichara is the idyllic walk to the village of Guane. The tour starts early in the morning at the "piedra de Bolivar", at the outskirts of Barichara.

The distance of around 9 to 10 km runs largely over a stone paved Camino Real of the Guane culture. It will take you up to 3 hours. Remember to have a break to drink, enjoy the scenery and take pictures.

In Guane you can visit a small archaeological museum that displays some artifacts of the Guane culture and a large fossil collection excavated in the surrounding area.

You can have a simple lunch in one of the local restaurants.

Tips and info :

  • Start the walk at 8 or 9 am to arrive at noon
  • Bring enough water (can be purchased before departure in Barichara).
  • Along the way there is only one possibility to buy water.
  • Wear sunscreen and a hat or cap to protect you from the sun (there are practically no shade zones along the way)
  • Good hiking shoes are essential.


Alternative routeThe walk to Guane can also be launched from the finca. This walk runs over an alternate path (partly camino real) to Guane. It's a bit shorter but evenly beautiful and mostly downhill.

Start before 9 am to arrive at noon in Guane.


In case you're too tired to hike back: there is a regular bus service between Barichara - Guane - Barichara.

Finca San Vicente

Hike Cerro Negro

From the finca we drive by 4x4 in about half an hour to Butaregua; starting point of the walk. Along the way we stop at one of the largest and oldest ceibas (trees) in the region. The scenery en route invigorates the imagination.

Walking through a so called 'Bosque seco tropical' (tropical dry forest) we reach Cerro Negro in about 1 to 2 hours. This region is extremely dry and temperatures can easily reach up to 40 degrees celsius. Around Cerro Negro we find a lot of stones in all kinds of strange shapes and colors. On top of the Cerro Negro you have a fantastic view over the canyon.

Tips and info :

  • Back in Butaregua you can take a dip in the pool.
  • Start the walk before 9 am to avoid the afternoon heat.
  • Take enough water (you can buy water in one of the tiendas on the way to Butaregua).
  • Sunscreen and hat or cap are essential
  • Good hiking shoes.


Finca San Vicente

Salto de Mico

Starting point of the walk is the Barrio (neighbourhood) Bagari. It's a short walk of approximately 2 km there and back to the waterfall which disappears in the abyss. 

If you're suffering from vertigo you might take a rain check on this one because the path spirals along the steep cliffs of the canyon.

  • Good hiking shoes are essential


Prices and information

Activities Duration Price
Hike Barichara-Guane-Barichara (loop) 3 hours one way on demand
Hike Cerro Negro 2 a 3 hours on demand
Salto de Mico 1 uur on demand

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