Hiking tours

Finca San Vicente

Daytrip Barichara-Cabrera-Barichara (loop)

The hike starts at the 'piedra de Bolivar'; at the outskirts of the village and is especially recommended for those who have a good basic fitnesslevel. It's a brisk walk upto 8 hours !

We start at 8 am and we advise you to bring enough water and some food to get you through the morning.

We walk for 4 hours through a magnificent setting to the village of Cabrera and arrive around lunchtime in the village.

After the lunchbreak in Cabrera we resume our hike with a climb of about an hour. The rest of the way to Barichara goes up and downhill. The walk runs for a large extent on a stone-paved path called 'the Camino Real'. It's one of the most beautiful hikes around Barichara. A MUST DO!

Tips and info:

  • Bring enough water and food
  • During the walk there's no opportunity to buy something
  • Wear sunscreen (high SPF) and a cap or hat
  • Good hiking shoes are essential


Finca San Vicente

Daytrip through the veredas Lubigara and El Caucho to Barichara

The hike starts at the finca and runs partly over the old Camino Real in the direction of the ghosttown of Jordan. It's a brisk walk, the first 7 km are going uphill. After this climb we leave the Camino Real and take a smaller path to Barichara.
We start at 8 to 9 am because of the lack of shade during the first part of the hike. We advice to bring enough food and water because during the hike there's no opportunity to buy some. We have lunch on the go at a nice picnic spot amidst nature.
It's a beautiful walk through the countryside starting in the vereda Lubigara and flowing over into the vereda El Caucho (characterized by the red earth). When we've got clear weather we can overlook the big city of Bucaramanga and the foothills of the Chicamocha canyon. The only people we meet along the way are the campesinos!
Upon arrival in Barichara we have a break. There's an option to return to the finca by mototaxi but the die hards can take the descending walk through the Alto de Viento back to the finca.
Tips and info:
    •    Bring enough food and beverages
    •    Protection for the heat of the sun (sunscreen, hat or cap)
    •    Good hiking shoes are essential
    •    The entire walk takes at least six hours.


Finca San Vicente

Multi-day hikes or excursions on horseback


For the experienced hikers we've got some longer trips on offer

  • Lubigara - Villanueva - Jordan (spend the night in Jordan) there and back in two days or continue to Mesa de Los Santos and return by bus.
  • Lubigara - Guane - Zapatoca (spend the night in Zapatoca) there and back in two days or return through Giron by bus
  • Multiple day hike with overnight in tents in the National Park of Serranía de los Yariguíes.



Enthusiasts have the possibility to make horseback excursions ranging from a few hours to a full day.

Basic experience is required.


Prices and information

Activities Duration Price
Daytrip Barichara-Cabrera-Barichara (loop) 8 to 10 hours on demand
Multi-day hikes or excursions on horseback on demand
Daytrip through the veredas Lubigara and El Caucho to Barichara 6 to 7 hours on demand

General facilities

  • Smart TV
  • Walk-in shower
  • Walking
  • (*)Restaurants Barichara
  • Wi-fi access
  • Parking
  • Breakfast included
  • Refrigerator
  • Double bed
  • Terraces
  • Sun terrace

These are just some of the facilities we're offering.  

(*) Meals can be ordered and delivered to the finca!