4x4 tour

Finca San Vicente

Galán - La Fuente - Zapatoca - Giron - Chicamocha

Day 1: We start off from the finca into the direction of Galán, the village lies at the foot of the National Park Serranía de los Yariguíes, you can see it lying in the distance from the finca. We take regular breaks on the go to enjoy the spectacular views and nature. After visiting Galán we continue our journey to La Fuente where we have a short break. The final destination of the day is Zapatoca where we drive to the 'Los Guanes' mirador. If weather conditions are favorable this viewpoint arguably offers the best panoramic view of the Chicamocha Canyon. A MUST SEE!

Day 2: After breakfast we descend to Girón, originally a small village but now it's almost absorbed by the expansion of Bucaramanga, the capital of the Santander departement. We take a lunchbreak and we've got about an hour to explore the colonial village center. In the afternoon we drive through the Chicamocha Canyon to San Gil. We stop at the entrance of the National Parc of Chicamocha to enjoy the unreal panoramic view of the canyon. If you got some time left during the upcoming days you can visit the themepark P.N. Chicamocha. It's easy accessible on your own from Barichara through San Gil.

Price includes:

  • Accommodation and breakfast in Zapatoca
  • Transport by four-wheel drive
  • Tour guide / driver

Finca San Vicente

Guane and Cabrera

We go offroad from the finca to Guané. After a short break in Guané we descend to the Suarez river and get out of the car at the border of the river to cross it via the Puente Ruedas (pedestrian bridge). We return to Guané along the same route for lunch.

In the afternoon we continue our journey to the beautiful and tiny village of Cabrera. After a break in Cabrera we continue to San Gil on and offroad (long drive). It's a half hour drive from San Gil to Barichara.  

Price includes:

  • Lunch in Guane
  • Transport by four-wheel drive
  • Tour guide / driver

Finca San Vicente

Villanueva where the two rivers Suarez and Chicamocha merge

We start off from the Finca in the direction of Villanueva through the veredas Lubigara and El Caucho. The roads are only accessible in dry weather conditions, even by four-wheel drive. A bad weather option is using the public roads from Barichara to Villaneuva. In Villaneuva we have a short coffeebreak. We continue our journey and stop at the mirador El Espinal before we continue over an old mine road in the direction of la junta (the confluence) of two rivers: the Suarez and the Chicamocha. We drive (depending on the state of the road) to the riverbank and have lunch. On the way back we take roughly the same route.

Price includes:

  • Picnic at the riverbank
  • Transport by four-wheel drive
  • Tour guide / driver

Prices and information

Activities Duration Price
Galán - La Fuente - Zapatoca - Giron - Chicamocha 2 days on demand
Villanueva where the two rivers Suarez and Chicamocha merge 1 day on demand
Guane and Cabrera 1 day on demand

General facilities

  • Smart TV
  • Walk-in shower
  • Walking
  • (*)Restaurants Barichara
  • Wi-fi access
  • Parking
  • Breakfast included
  • Refrigerator
  • Double bed
  • Terraces
  • Sun terrace

These are just some of the facilities we're offering.  

(*) Meals can be ordered and delivered to the finca!