Finca San Vicente

Lubigara School Project

By sheer coincidence we met Sandrita who wants to discover her Colombian roots and above all help Colombian children. We make an immediate connection and from there on everything is going fast. Sandrita decides to join us later this year to stay and organize all kind of activities for and with the children of our local school. Wonderful! Or as they say over here 'chevre'. People already ask when she will be arriving! We welcome every financial support, hence the idea to organize a charity benefit so Sandrita can buy the necessary equipment to work out her projects at the school. Should there remain some money we deposit this, along with a donation of the finca, in an account for the school. Hopefully we raise sufficient funds to execute the most urgent renovations (e.g. the rooftop of one of the schoolbuildings). It's our aim to build something lasting in support of the local population. We hopefully succeed because the people over here deserve it. We're totally committed and hope you'll join us.

Finca San Vicente

What proceeded

During Johan his first visit at the local school of Lubigara Johan immediately noticed that the school wasn't up to standards but most of all that the school was in dyer need of some urgent renovations. We decided, after mutual agreement, to finance the renovation of the broken floor. The local community was so delighted with our initiative that they even wanted to honor us. Being disproportianate we declined.

Finca San Vicente

School Lubigara the sequel

After this initial success we wanted to commit ourselves to our school but we didn't really know how and we lacked the necessary time and energy because we first needed to renovate our finca and extend it into a B&B. After two years we've finished our finca and are ready to support the school once more. Meeting Sandrita speeded up everything and we hope we can make a valuable contribution to the school.

These are just some of the facilities we're offering.  

(*) Meals can be ordered and delivered to the finca!